All teachers at the Centro IYENGAR® Yoga Porto are certified and are part of an internationally regulated education community. They are linked to a set of rules, in order to remain faithful to their training and the teaching they regularly receive.

Leonor Castilho
Born in Oporto in 1952. Is a certified teacher by the RIMYI - Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute since 2004. She did her teacher training with Patxi Lizardi and has been his student since 2001. Was the first Portuguese, residing in Portugal, to obtain the certification that allows to teach this method. Each year she travels to Pune where she attends classes at the RIMYI and also travels regularly to Madrid to attend classes with her teacher. Her path on Yoga began in 1993 with a different Yoga method and from 1996 she dedicated herself totally to IYENGAR® YOGA. Has a degree in Philosophy by the Oporto University and worked in a bank for several years. Has a strong affinity with India, its philosophy, its people, costumes and traditions and with Yoga. Since 1996 regularly travels to the 'subcontinent'. In the first years the North and the charismatic places of Buddhism were the destination. Later on she found the magical place with the Indian saint Sri Ramana Maharshi lived in Tiruvannamalai, south of India. After having been admitted to the RIMYI classes in 2007 and being Yoga the priority, all travels were then to Pune. She loves reading and poetry. Herberto Helder and Herman Hesse were read and re-read for years; nowadays the books that she is passionate about are about IYENGAR® YOGA, personal development and alternative therapies. She loves helping everyone that comes to her and does it continuously through Yoga. Teaching was the way she found to give others a tool that completely transformed the perspective and the way she sees life. Leonor believes that IYENGAR® YOGA has practically all ingredients for a balanced and enjoyable life and helps to go through the complicated phases that inevitably are part of life, with serenity.


Joana McAlister
Born in Oporto in 1975, is married and has two small children. Has a degree in Financial Management. She began practicing IYENGAR® YOGA to correct some back issues resulting from previous sports practice. Completed her Teacher Training in Paris with Faeq Biria and became a IYENGAR® YOGA Certified Teacher in 2007. She continues to participate in Teacher's Education Sessions as well as taking exams of subsequent levels. 
In her path as a teacher she has had the chance to collaborate with IPO do Porto (Portuguese Oncology Institute of Oporto), with the faculties of Fine Arts, Sciences and Engineering of the Oporto University as well as with the Teatro Nacional de S. João (National Theatre of S. João). In addition to studying Yoga she loves to read about Education, Food and Healthy Life Styles. She teaches group and private classes during the morning and at lunchtime. The rest of her time she dedicates herself to her children.


 Danny McAlister
Danny is a musician and a composer. IYENGAR® Yoga has influenced him deeply as a musician. He was drawn to the IYENGAR® method mainly due to the excellent teachings he got from his teacher Jayne Orton, in England. After several years of practice he began to appreciate more deeply the genius of BKS Iyengar, through the system of teaching he created and the precise and simple way through which the great master accessed (and subsequently allowed us to access) the science of Yoga structured by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. Danny particularly likes Bach and finds the same logical and precise methodology of IYENGAR® Yoga in the balance of the great composer's music.